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Big, Energy-Efficient Gains 


Most replacement windows today are double-paned glass units, and window manufacturers are quick to tell you to throw out your old single-paned windows and buy replacements, but you can get the same performance by adding this extra piece of glass and creating an air space between the two windows. At around $250-350 (installed) per storm window, they're well below the cost of a replacement window, and you get the energy performance of a double-paned window. 

Here are the facts: the addition of exterior sound windows alone can cut air infiltration by 64.3%, bringing it below 2009 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code). Over 64% is a huge leap in efficiency that's not often accomplished in remodeling. Installing storm windows can provide the quickest payback of any energy-saving investment for your home within a few years. 

Protects Your Historic Window

If you're reading this, you may be planning to eventually restore your historic wood windows. These windows are fantastic and there are so many reasons to save them. So, whether you have already restored your windows or it is somewhere in your future plans, adding exterior storm windows can do wonders to protect your old windows. 

Storm windows can dramatically extend the life of your existing windows by keeping them protected from the elements. Storm windows can also minimize the amount of regular maintenance that is required as well. Paint, putty, and wood will all last longer and require less work when storms are installed. 


Maintains Historic Character

Historic storm windows are extremely simple to add to your house. They don't require any modifications to your existing windows. Let's be honest, if adding storm windows keeps you from tearing out your drafty old windows and replacing them with vinyl, they have done wonders to save the historic character of your house. Whether you want to protect and enhance the efficiency of your restored historic windows or you need an affordable alternative to window replacement, storm windows are the way to go. 


Sound Reduction

SWS storm windows add three to four inches of sound deadening air space. New storm windows will reduce outside noise and make your home a quieter place to live. 

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