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Storm Window Performance Comparison

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Estate Picture Window

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• Fixed-removable, an energy-efficient complement to the Estate Double-Hung

• Expander-type frame allows easy installation
• Expanders on four sides mean installation into

most out-of-square openings
• Low air-filtration assures lower heating costs • Exceeds AMA specifications and requirements • 15-year guarantee
• Available in white painted finish

Estate picture

Estate Double-Hung

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  • Heavy Extruded insert frames for maximum strength in any size window. Also prevents deflection of aluminum frames under extreme wind conditions.

  • Pile weather-stripping inside of frame for positive weather-seal. The harder the wind blows, the tighter the glass frames become.

  • Marine type glazing eliminates pressure cracks in cold weather.

  • Interlock at meeting rail (not shown). Continuous interlock from jamb to jamb. Exceeds 1⁄4” in depth.

double hung

Estate Expander Type Combo Storm & Screen Window

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Here is the ultimate in storm windows for the most discriminating buyer. The Estate allows full expansion on all four sides for a complete flush type installation, regardless of distortion on the existing wood frame. In White baked enamel, The Estate becomes “invisible,” blending perfectly with the present structure and enhancing the architectural beauty of your home, regardless of the period. For the best performance, install storm windows with optional “Low E” coated glass – it’s like adding another layer of glass.

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